Friday Night Draw Times

5:00pm Draw Time
Ice #1 - Shane Schuster Rink vs. Harry Barger Rink
Ice #2 - Jess Riedasch Rink vs. Brett Wheeler Rink

6:00pm Draw Time
Ice #1 - Amy Koch Rink vs. Shawn Gee Rink
Ice #2 - Tim Rittmeyer Rink vs. Trevin Kreier Rink

7:30pm Draw Time
Ice #1 - Stew Wild Rink vs. Trent Schuster Rink
Ice #2 - Travis Cox Rink vs. Jim Schliesman Rink

8:30pm Draw Time
Ice #1 - Kurt Erstad Rink vs. Casey Wilson Rink
Ice #2 - Carlene Wilson Rink vs. Brian Kopp Rink

2019 Poynette Curl for the Cure

April 12th and 13th, 2019
Raffle around 7:00pm Saturday. WE NEED RAFFLE PRIZES!
$160/team ($40/person)

Important Notice!!!

Long time participants know the format. Bring your own pizza Friday night, we’ll feed you Saturday, including a big rotisserie chicken/macaroni feast in the evening. In 2019, we’re changing things up. Unfortunately, our giant chicken skewer is off entertaining others this year. No worries.

Introducing the 2019 Curl for the Cure Chilli Cook Off featuring the “It Tastes Like Chicken!” Challenge

We’ve tried Mark’s dried squid, Bill’s homemade tabasco, and Jim’s pickled venison hearts. My challenge is simple. Bring something interesting. You might have killed or foraged for it. It might have been grandpa’s secret. It might peel the paint off the ceiling. Think of that thing that you specialize in that makes people do a double-take. Bring a bit of that to share.

Now for the important part. Chilli. Each team is responsible for enough chilli to feed 4 others. I’m looking for a killer recipe that will make me weep like a girl scout being interrogated at Guantanamo Bay. One of you has it. Others might have a creative twist. Hot. Cold. Meatless. Locally sourced. With 16 entries and knowing your twisted minds, I’m confident that there will be some variety. The club will stock up and provide a variety of extras. Corn bread, cheese, sour cream, crackers, etc. Leave that stuff behind unless you have something unique to your offering.

You are going to bring this in a crock pot. We will probably test the limits of Poynette’s electrical grid in this scenario. There’s a healthy amount of power pulsing through the wires above the club. If you are skilled in the electrical arts and have suggestions, speak up. Related: While the club has a variety of gizmos and gadgets that allow for food prep, do your best to rely on them as little as possible. If I see 10 people fighting over a can opener I’ll have to ask you to step outside.

Please be mindful of others. If your chilli is going to cause pain, let others know. Similarly, if those are bull testicles, tell us they are bull testicles. You have a secret as to where your ingredients are sourced? Be a good guy and label your stuff.

Serving time is 4:45pm on Saturday. Take into account you may be on, going on, or coming off the ice around that time and you will not know that until midday Saturday. We’ll close the judging at 7:00. About judging. You will be judged, mocked, and critiqued by your peers. This *is* a competition. We’ll make up the categories between now and then. We’ll likely be inspired to create some new ones on site.

Food poisoning. Let’s avoid it. Hot stuff hot, cold stuff cold.

Wait, what? Ok.

  1. Your team is responsible for “chilli” at 4:45 Saturday evening.

  2. Prep early and take into consideration the limitations of the facilities and that there are 15 others.

  3. The club will take care of the sides, unless you have something unique.

  4. Prepare to be shamed.

  5. There’s a bonus challenge involving bringing something (aside from the chilli, not in the chilli) that would make others think twice about your role on this planet and your overall contribution to society.

  6. You are also responsible for bringing frozen pizzas Friday night. The club will provide a light breakfast, a full lunch, drinks, snacks, and treats all weekend. You? Pizza. Chilli. Weird.

Don’t let me down.

The Event Is Officially Full

We are at 16/16 for this year’s event. I will take names for alternates in case
one or more teams back out between now and the bonspiel.


Jim Schliesman Rink
Travis Cox Rink
Amy Koch Rink
Harry Barger Rink
Shawn Gee Rink
Trent Schuster Rink
Tim Rittmeyer Rink
Miranda Hoffman Rink

Brett Wheeler Rink
Carleen Wilson Rink
Stew Wild Rink
Casey Wilson Rink
Kurt Erstad Rink
Jess Riedasch Rink
Shane Schuster Rink
Trevin Kreier Rink


We have a bonspiel! Curl for the Cure 2018 is full at 16 teams. Thanks you all that are participating. Thank you even more to the rest of you. Poynette Curling Club is built upon volunteers.

I’m seeking people to make this event awesome. Gather raffle prizes. Time and talent, scraping ice, skewing chickens, cleaning toilets, baking treats, officiating boat races. We need it all.

You can sign up below. Or text Pederson at 608.566.7574. Or email me at  Or just show up and throw an elbow. I will not turn away random help.

Thanks. This is fun. Make it better.

Name *
We like to get a bunch of stuff for the Saturday night raffle. Make it (quilt), solicit it (what do you do for a living), regift it (we won't tell), or steal it (proceeds go to fight cancer, it's all good).
Fun food makes for a fun bonspiel. You are good at this. Let us know what you are willing to share. Friday is bring-your-own-pizza night. Saturday is sandwiches and an evening banquet. We look to you for treats, sweets, appetizers, and other "bonspiel" fare. Hot stuff hot, cold stuff cold (but you knew that).
Have a talent? We need “icers” (scrape, pebble, sweep), “preppers” (put things out and throw things away), “closers” (lock it up, making sure it’s not burning), “photographers” (take and share pics), and “tummlers” (duties include activities director keep the guests amused throughout the bonspiel).