Curl for the Cure 2018

  • Registration: $160/team ($40/person) payable via cash or check at the event.
  • 3 game guarantee, 4 end games, no free guard zone, tie games draw the button. USCA rules apply.
  •  No talent necessary. We’re trying to cure cancer here.
  •  Friday draws: 5:00, 6:00, 7:30, 8:30. Saturday draws: 8:00am through 6:00pm.
  • We give a bunch of money to the Carbone Cancer Center.
  • Friday, April 6th: Drinks on us. Bring your own pizzas. 1 per player. We are here to raise money to fight cancer, not feed everybody in Poynette.
  • Saturday, April 7th: Food & drinks served all day Saturday. Banquet begins around 5:00pm. Raffle tickets are drawn and posted around 7:00pm.

Confirmed Teams 2018

Team Stew Wild.
Team Alicia Mularkey.

Updated 1.16.2018

Team Registration

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Draw Preference
Draw Preference
How do the following draw times "agree" with you and your teammate's schedules? I'm gauging preference here and will balance later.
Early Draw (5pm)
Early Middle Draw (6pm)
Early Late Draw (7:30pm)
Late Draw (8:30pm)


There are three ways you -- curler or not -- can help make Poynette's Curl for the Cure even more awesome. What's been donated so far? Link.

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We like to get a bunch of stuff for the Saturday night raffle. Make it (quilt), solicit it (what do you do for a living), regift it (we won't tell), or steal it (proceeds go to fight cancer, it's all good).
Fun food makes for a fun bonspiel. You are good at this. Let us know what you are willing to share. Friday is bring-your-own-pizza night. Saturday is sandwiches and an evening banquet. We look to you for treats, sweets, appetizers, and other "bonspiel" fare. Hot stuff hot, cold stuff cold (but you knew that).
Have a talent? We need “icers” (scrape, pebble, sweep), “preppers” (put things out and throw things away), “closers” (lock it up, making sure it’s not burning), “photographers” (take and share pics), and “tummlers” (duties include activities director keep the guests amused throughout the bonspiel).