2018 Poynette Curl for the Cure

April 6th and 7th, 2018
Friday Dinner: Bring your own pizzas!
Saturday Breakfast: Continental breakfast.
Saturday Lunch: Assorted sandwiches, chips, beer cheese soup, chili, and WHATEVER ELSE IS DONATED.
Saturday Dinner: Chicken, macaroni and cheese, asparagus, and whatever else is left over.
Raffle around 7:00pm Saturday. WE NEED RAFFLE PRIZES!
$160/team ($40/person).

2018 Poynette Curl for the Cure Teams

Here are the combatants and their Friday evening draw times/opponents for the 2018 Poynette Curl for the Cure.
If your assigned draw time is troublesome, let me know.
If you have lineup changes, let me know.
Contact me (John Pederson) via text at 608-566-7574.
πŸ’₯ indicates the new curlers.


We have a bonspiel! Curl for the Cure 2018 is full at 16 teams. Thanks you all that are participating. Thank you even more to the rest of you. Poynette Curling Club is built upon volunteers.

I’m seeking people to make this event awesome. Gather raffle prizes. Time and talent, scraping ice, skewing chickens, cleaning toilets, baking treats, officiating boat races. We need it all.

You can sign up below. Or text Pederson at 608.566.7574. Or email me at ijohnpederson@gmail.com.  Or just show up and throw an elbow. I will not turn away random help.

Thanks. This is fun. Make it better.

What's been donated so far? Link.

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We like to get a bunch of stuff for the Saturday night raffle. Make it (quilt), solicit it (what do you do for a living), regift it (we won't tell), or steal it (proceeds go to fight cancer, it's all good).
Fun food makes for a fun bonspiel. You are good at this. Let us know what you are willing to share. Friday is bring-your-own-pizza night. Saturday is sandwiches and an evening banquet. We look to you for treats, sweets, appetizers, and other "bonspiel" fare. Hot stuff hot, cold stuff cold (but you knew that).
Have a talent? We need β€œicers” (scrape, pebble, sweep), β€œpreppers” (put things out and throw things away), β€œclosers” (lock it up, making sure it’s not burning), β€œphotographers” (take and share pics), and β€œtummlers” (duties include activities director keep the guests amused throughout the bonspiel).
Bonspiel shirts available for order online! Place order by 3/18/2018 for guarnteed delivery by the event.

Bonspiel shirts available for order online! Place order by 3/18/2018 for guarnteed delivery by the event.